BitHorizon : A Unique Competitive Advantage


At BitHorizon we not only have experienced brains that can modify your existing system to a large extent but also we have the technology that can help to fulfill yout business needs. We see chnage as opportunity not as a threat. We at BitHorizon learned that the Flexibility is the key to keep our clients happy. Our services range from a "customize solution that can be implemented right away" to a " managed time consulting" or to "a fixed price solution for a fixed time".

Web Development Services

We provide web development services, our web development services ranges from development of a small static website to  development of a complex large website. Our developers have extensive knowledge of tools and good experience in developing content management systems, E-commerce solutions, Web presentations and designs etc. We develop websites using various tools and technologies depending upon the requirements. Our developers dedication, hard work, intelligence ensures the timely release of the product.

Consulting Services

At BitHorizon we provide consulting services to automate a business process. We have extensive experience in business analysis that can help our client to achieve their goals.